Embedded Development

    Embedded devices are becoming an important vehicle for a variety of application appliances. Some of these devices include custom products for: security, kiosks, gaming, and networking. Let RadRite make your idea for a new product become a reality.

Web Development

Web technology is at the core of all our development services. Web services can be consumed by Client/Server applications, Wireless applications, and browser-based applications. Our browser-based applications use ASP.NET for fast server-side execution that can produce cross-browser compatibility.

Client/Server Development

We build our client/server systems to be useable over high-speed or low-speed networks. Years of experience in this area has encouraged use of an open systems communications platform built on SOAP and XML. This approach provides more flexibility and reusability than the present proprietary communication methods implemented with DCOM or CORBA.

Wireless Development

We build our wireless systems to be useable over high-speed or low-speed networks and with options for online and offline operations. Our wireless systems offer rich GUI native applications (e.g., PocketPC native application), browser-based cross-platform applications (See what this Web Site looks when viewed by a thin client browser), or very thin client applications (e.g., phone interfaces).

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