RadRite Services are focused on delivering custom hardware or software solutions for your company.

Hardware services include assessing the current system needs and providing custom build solutions using cost effective components that rival the cookie-cutter approach provided by mainstream players. These solutions provide expansion opportunities and in most cases longer warranty periods.

All software services are tuned for rapid delivery but do not sacrifice quality. Leading software methods are incorporated into the RadRite development methodology. Some of the general services described below can apply to any specific development effort. RadRite will tailor the services to the client project needs.

Project Management Services: Project Planning, Scoping, Estimating, Project Proposal Creation, Project Management (Resource Management, TimeLine Management, Scope Management, Risk Management, etc.)

Application Development Services: Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, and Deployment

Architecture Services: Software Architecture Design, Deployment Architecture Design, Component Design/Development, Security Architecture

Data Services: Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Database Design and Construction

Conversion Services: e.g., PowerBuilder Application-to-.NET Application, Informix 4GL-to-.NET Application, Informix Database-to-SQL Server Database

Integration Services: Providing new technology solutions integrated with legacy systems.