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Silverlight DeepZoom
Silverlight Prototype

Video Library (WPF application)

This application was built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft's latest technology for building the next generation graphical user interface applications. This application provides our client with an online database of crash test videos and will become the basis of their entire online Library system.

- Leading Edge Software Technology:
   o WPF, XAML, ASP.NET Web Services, LINQ to SQL
   o Visual Studio C# program logic
   o Xceed Datagrid for WPF
   o Skinnable User Interface


Magic Wheels (Embedded Application)

This application provides an arcade-style game program termed a redemption machine. It is implemented as a Windows CE 5 Embedded application. The solution consists of hardware and software components that allows the application to boot and run from a compact flash card instead of a hard disk. This application also includes a web service that ensures the software is protected from being copied to different hardware.

- Leading Edge Software Technology:
   o Windows CE Operating System
   o Visual Studio C# program logic
   o Web Service call for Registration and Software Copy Protection
   o Software Keyboard for Configuration and Registration Data Entry

- Leading Edge Hardware Technology:
   o Fanless CPU
   o Industrial Embedded PC, Compact Single-Board Design
   o Boot from Compact Flash (No Hard Drive)
   o Touch Screen Operation
   o Standard Connectivity Options
       Standard PC Plug Components (COM, LPT, XGA, Ethernet, Sound, Keyboard, Mouse)
      JAMMA interface Optional


Financial Report Portal (ASP.NET Web Application)

This application provides financial planners at our client with much needed information. Reports are generated dynamically based on criteria entered by the financial planner. Reports can be viewed in HTML, PDF, or exported to Excel.